Thursday, 15 November 2012

Resort style jewellery

Hey all,

I've created a new board on my pinterest site for resort style jewellery that I like and would love to wear myself. (If only I had lots of money and could buy all the lovely jewellery pieces I find on ETSY!)

Have a look at my board and follow me if you are on pinterest.

I love creating boards, when I was at college we were always having to create "mood" boards to show our inspirations and design development, pinterest is great for doing this and is WAY easier and less messy then making a board with glue and torn out pages from magazines etc!!!

I love wearing natural boho style jewellery that is relaxed and has a beach/surf style. This is one one of my pieces that is made from gorgeous jasper gemstones and is my interpretation of resort style jewelery.

                                                             My resort style jewellery
The picture below is also made from jasper. This was the first piece of jewellery that I sold on Etsy (I really wanted to keep it for myself!) I think it has a resort style too.

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